What is a white label sportsbook?

A white label sportsbook refers to a sports betting platform or software that is developed and maintained by one company (the white label provider) and then licensed or offered to another company (the reselling company) to operate under their own brand. It allows the reselling company to offer sports betting services without the need to build their own platform from scratch.

Here are some key points about white label sportsbooks:

  1. Branding: The white label sportsbook can be customized and branded with the reselling company’s logo, color scheme, and overall design. This allows the reselling company to create a sports betting platform that aligns with their brand identity and customer experience.
  2. Functionality and features: White label sportsbooks come with pre-built functionalities and features, including betting markets, odds management, user registration, account management, payment processing, reporting, and more. These features can be tailored and configured to meet the specific needs and requirements of the reselling company.
  3. Integration: White label sportsbooks can be integrated with other systems or platforms of the reselling company, such as customer databases, payment gateways, or affiliate programs. This integration enables a seamless experience for users and streamlines the overall operations of the reselling company.
  4. Regulatory compliance: White label providers typically ensure that their sportsbook software is compliant with relevant gambling regulations and licensing requirements. This allows the reselling company to operate within a legal framework without having to navigate complex regulatory processes themselves.
  5. Risk management: White label sportsbooks often include risk management tools and features to help the reselling company manage their exposure to potential losses. These tools can monitor betting activity, set limits, and provide reporting and analytics to identify and mitigate risks effectively.
  6. Customer support: The white label provider usually offers customer support services, including technical support and assistance, to both the reselling company and the end users of the sportsbook. This ensures that any issues or inquiries are addressed promptly and professionally.
  7. Revenue sharing: In many cases, the white label provider and the reselling company enter into a revenue-sharing agreement. The reselling company earns a percentage of the revenue generated from the sportsbook operations, while the white label provider receives a portion as compensation for providing the software and support.

White label sportsbooks enable companies to enter the sports betting market or expand their gambling offerings without the need for extensive development, regulatory compliance, and ongoing maintenance. By leveraging a white label solution, the reselling company can focus on branding, marketing, customer acquisition, and other business-related aspects while relying on a proven and customizable sports betting platform.